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Beginners adventure with one overnight stay in hotel and one glamping overnight stay at one of the locks in Kinda Canal. 

This tour is a perfect experience if you would like three days of kayaking in beginner friendly waters. We provide you with a introduction to kayaking and a predefined route that offers a true nature experience of Kinda Canal. 

The overnight stays are located at the lovely hotel of Vårdsnäs and one unique stay at one of the canal locks, in a Nordic Tipi tent. First evening you can enjoy a restaurant dinner and second evening you prepare your dinner over open fire, but have a warm shower and bathroom just a few steps away from the tent. 

Welcome to enjoy kayaking and glamping in beginner friendly and lovely Kinda Canal and surrounding lakes.


We provide you with top notch equipment to have a outdoor evening and enjoy the beauty of kayaking and overnight stay in a comfortable tree tent. It’s a hassle free one night try out of outdoor living and kayaking, where a guide help you get started.


  • Rent of kayak, life vest, spray deck and paddle.
  • Introduction from our guide.
  • 1 night in Hotel (twin bed)
  • All meals and soft drinks
  • 1 night in a Nordic tipi tent.
  • Comfortable bed inside the tent (120cm wide for 2 persons)
  • Rent of outdoor kitchen equipment
  • Rent of waterproof bags
  • Map
  • 24/7 emergency pickup service at several spots during your trip.


  • Clothing
  • Shoes for water and land
  • Towel and swimwear
  • Sunglasses, sun block, sun hat
  • Toiletries
  • Camera
  • Thermos (for hot drinks)


  • Travel to meeting point (Grebo, Linköping)
  • Alcoholic drinks



By car:

Follow road 35 from Linköping towards Västervik. After approx 20km, turn right at sign GREBO. Follow the road for 2 km, then turn right at sign Grebokajak (just before the grocery shop in Grebo). Follow the road to the large parking area and walk down to the lake.

By train/bus:

Take the train to Linköping C,
Göteborg – Linköping C, 06:24 – 09:49 or 15:00 – 19:18 (In July)
Stockholm – Linköping C, 08:18 – 09:56 or 07:54 – 09:56 (In July)
Book you train ticket at www.sj.se

Take bus 530 from Linköping Resecentrum (same as Linköping C) to Grebo affär, 10:20-10:52.

More information at www.ostgotatrafiken.se 
Walk down to the lake, approx 200m following the road right behind the grocery shop (Nära Dej) in Grebo.

By air:

You can fly directly from Amsterdam, Schipol to Linköping CIty.
21:00 – 22:45

See www.klm.se for more information.

We can help you book your overnight stay at our partner Scandic Linköping CIty they offer a great hotel just 10 minutes from the CIty Airport.

Take a taxi from Linköping CIty airport to Linköping Resecentrum and then bus 530 (see above) to Grebo Affär, or ask the taxi to drive you directly to Grebo Affär.



Travel to meeting point Grebo.

Meet up with the guide 11:00 at Grebokajak.

The guide will give you basic instructions for safe kayaking, and also provide you with tips for a smooth vacation.

Then your transfer bus will bring you, your equipment and the kayaks to your starting position in Brokind.

The guide help you to pack your stuff into the kayaks and then you paddle away. Enjoy the scenery, the birds and the nature.

Before start paddling you can enjoy your outdoor lunch that is provided by the guide. You can also tap up your thermos with hot drinks and bring with you on the trip.

The first part of your adventure takes place in lake Lilla Rängen, a canal look-a-like lake that crosses the open fields of Swedish country side.

After just a few kilometers paddling you arrive at the hotel Vårdsnäs stiftsgård, here you can enjoy a fire heated sauna, play outdoor games, take a swim or just relax. At the evening a 2-course dinner will be served in their restaurant.



Start your day with a delicious hotel breakfast, then get ready to continue your paddle adventure. 

You will get your lunch package and hot drinks (tap up your own thermos) with you from the Hotel to enjoy during your day.

The first part of this day your adventure takes place in lake Stora Rängen, a narrow lake with lots of true nature experience and beginner friendly waters.

Once you passed the lake you will enter the Kinda Canal, then you have just a few kilometers left until you reach the Hovetorp lock and you stay for the night.

After approx 3 hours paddling (10 km) you reach the Tipi glamping tent located at the Hovetorp lock.

Right beside the lock of Hovetorp a Nordic tipi tent are waiting for you. It’s already set up for your comfort, but you can make it extra special using the decorations that we provide at the tent site . 

At the lock you are they only camper, but you have a hiking route close by and also the lock. So relax and enjoy the scenery of Kinda Canal and the Swedish landscape. 

The dinner is delivered to the tent, you just need to finish it of by some heating, which you can do over the open campfire (woods are provided by us), or using the provided gas kitchen. Remember to bring some drinks if you prefeer something else than water to your meal. 

You can follow the Östgötaleden for a walk before going to bed, or just sit by the tent and relax, perhaps read a book and enjoy life!



Wake up right beside the locker. Enjoy the breakfast (included and provided to you at the tent), outside at the campfire. For your comfort a warm shower are waiting for you and also a bathroom.

After breakfast you continue your journey in Kinda Canal and paddle away. Your lunch is already provided to the camp site, so you just have to pack it in to your kayak before you leave. 

Today’s distance is 12 km of paddling, which takes approx 4 hours. We suggest you split it up with some breaks during the way. 

You will pass two locks during your day, directly after your start you arrive at the Hamra lock, 6 km later you will arrive at Sturefors lock. Just before Sturefors lock you find a nice a beach and can make a stop for bath and ice cream. Just after Sturefors lock you will see the Castle of Sturefors, which offers a nice view from the seaside.

End you paddle tour at Grebokajak back in Grebo and put back the kayaks in the storage before 21.00. 

You can then enjoy the close by beach and relax before you return back.


  • Adult 2995 SEK
  • Children (10-18yrs) 2495 SEK

Max. 2 adults and 2 childrens.



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